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10 months ago

I would spend my dollar on mental health. I'm not sure where the dollar would go exactly but with farming being such a tough job, a lot of farmers go through tough times and depression is such a big issue that often goes unnoticed.
Rob Shea

9 months ago

Promotion of local sport. If all sport and the gym were free it would promote community connections, set an example for the younger generation whilst encouraging people to not worry about the price and just have a go. This would have the added benefit of providing many venues to distribute further information or to let people know of other services and possibly create a few friendships and support networks that help with some of the mental health and isolation issues. If every sport offered a paid coordinator position what a wonderful opportunity to create a job that would help the whole of a commun...

9 months ago

Mental and Physical health are linked through poverty. Lack of jobs and opportunities to participate in community create a larger pool of low socio-economic people, who then have to compete for dwindling resources. Combining community participation with food growing and an opportunity to learn business skills through a community enterprise based in small scale fruit and vegetable growing.

9 months ago

If every health problem in our community cost $1 to solve, I would put my $1 towards ensuring that every individual has 'timely' access to competent and comprehensive health care options locally - be they mental health, physical health, emotional health needs - local resources would be great.

9 months ago

I think as much education around nutrition as possible. You can't out train a poor diet and most people are still heavily influenced by poor labeling and advertising on our food. Most people don't realise that that an item that screams "low fat" on the label could be full of sugar and you might be better off with the higher fat version. Most people will recognise that soft drinks are full of sugar, but may not realise that other items they consume regularly such as tomatoe & BBQ sauces, low fat yogurt & fruit juices. So for me I would spend my $1 on free nutrition classes both for ...

9 months ago

We have many good programs available that are poorly attended due to access issues. Difficulties with transport, cost and working or caring responsibilities are often the reasons people don't attend potentially beneficial programs. Funding to improve access could make existing services more productive.

9 months ago

free healthy school lunches at every government (not private) school in our region for every student.

9 months ago

Navigating through the extensive network of health organisations across Australia is a challenge for anyone.

My issue is whom does one phone (seek help from) when a person is in desperate need of mental health assistance? Especially after hours, 000? Beyond Blue? Headspace? Grampians Community Health? Lifeline? I could go on.
For an individual in desperate need without a clear head, they would really struggle.

What I would really like to see developed is all those agencies, community health organisations, not for profits is to merged into one agency with a dedicated 24hr helpline with a separ...

9 months ago

we need a caring doctor in st arnaud.
not one who just takes 1.5 minutes with you.

9 months ago

An affordable skin clinic.

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