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10 months ago

I live in Snake Valley. I do think that if the walking tracks had a better surface then more people would be inclined to walk. My husband and I walk mostly on the road which isn't all that safe. I would also like to see a skate park and bike track in the town for the younger people to meet, socialise and exercise.

10 months ago

I would spend $1 on an ongoing information campaign on living for optimal health. Promoting good nutrition, regular exercise and regular socialising, relevant to the community it is being promoted in (such as hiking in the Grampians, rowing at Lake Wendouree and skiing at Taylors Lake). Promoting this lifestyle as exciting, fun and interesting and also a fabulous way to promote and support local business (such as local produce, adventure services and fitness services). These three factors go a very long way in preventative health care.

10 months ago

Providing food education and access to health food to prevent lifestyle related chronic health disease. This may involve cooking lessons, cheap free community grown food for participants and recipe ideas. A lot is being done in this area already but there must be some way to encourage people to participate and expose people who have grown up in homes where fresh food has not been prepared to healthy food prep and new types of food. Outdoor monthly cooking festival??

10 months ago

I like to swim/do water exercises and it is usually after work

10 months ago

If I had my dollar to spend it would be on making children's activities much more available and accessible.
Kay Mawson

10 months ago

If every health problem in the community cost $1 to solve, I would spend my dollar on getting a resident doctor at East Grampians Health Service.
Briony Robertson

10 months ago

If every health issue in the community cost $1 to solve, I would really like to spend my dollar on support for youth mental health.
Debbie Shea

10 months ago

If every health issue in the community cost $1 to solve, I would spend my dollar on supporting access to people who do not access health services already.
Marlene Goudie

10 months ago

If every health issue in the community cost $1 to solve, I would spend my dollar on getting blokes to the doctor at least once a year. Not sure how, just get them there.
Rob Shea

10 months ago

I'd spend my dollar on education, but I think there's a greater part of that, education isn't enough.
There's a real fear out there for people who haven't done exercise for quite a while that they don't know how. It's so varied and broad now that it's not an easy thing to just get up and start.
I think there needs to be a bit of leading the way and mentoring others/showing them how it's done before we ask them to do it themselves.
Jenny Sheriff

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