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9 months ago

We need an accessible way to donate blood. At the moment, unless you have a car and don't work, it is almost impossible to donate blood.
Maybe a bus service once a month to take those who want to donate blood, to the blood bank and back again.

8 months ago

I would like to see healthier options offered when going out for morning and afternoon tea, eg: less sugar filled cakes and slices, more maybe 'raw' cakes and slices or even fruit offered. Also the option to have smaller portion sized main meals when eating out.

8 months ago

Community Bus Service

Availability of transport on a weekly basis giving access especially for the elderly and other community members ,unable to get to town for shopping,doctors appointments ect .Preventing community members from becoming isolated and most of all losing there independence.

Support group for careers of age related conditions eg Dimentia

10 months ago

The councils who host the local business excellence awards could add a category dedicated to recognising business who contribute most to the health of the region.

10 months ago

Soft drinks are sold at every cricket game. Sports clubs would be a good place to start introducing alternative drinks. Especially children's sports clubs. When we go to the leisure centre, the only food available is ice cream, chips, lollies and sweet drinks (with the exception of bottled water). Where are our salad bars, juice bars, soup stands, healthy snacks?

10 months ago

Short-term childcare for parents and carers of small children. My $1 would be for the opportunity to attend exercise classes at the Y and swim, while my children were cared for temporarily. Just the hour. And I would happily pay a membership that would cover costs of a qualified attending person too.
(Yes I know the Y run Mum & Bub classes, I go to them. Have you exercised with a 15 month old clinging to you? Impossible)

10 months ago

Supermarkets and stores to change aisle displays of food. Instead of having chips, chocolate and soft drink as an end of aisle display why not have healthier options? Instead of having lollies and chocolate at the register they could put fruit and bottles of water for sale. These are small changes but could make a big difference in our communities.

10 months ago

skin cancer clinics

10 months ago

it is no good running services within in the health system when it is only available to those that can afford to pay or the over subsidized many with in the community may access your services but because they work often with little disposable income could never afford to participate the dollar would be better spent to provide the services to all

10 months ago

Support for working out health problems which may not necessarily require a doctor....a Functional Medicine Option where the whole body and diet are considered

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