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Local exercise groups for blokes would be good, particularly in smaller communities where there is no gym. For example an opportunity to join in on footy training as a spin off to helping others in the community be a part of a fun but regular fitness opportunity, 'fees' could be paid to support the local footy group and it may be good for the club also to get more locals interested in supporting the club. This may be a good way to keep all involved fit over non footy season too.

Nick Anderson
10 months ago · 12 votes · 2 comments
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Lets get the 'Sons of the West' program to come a little bit further West and run some of their programs in Stawell and Ararat! (Program affiliated with Western Bulldogs!)

Katrina Toomey
9 months ago
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The young blokes have the footy and the training associated with that, but there is no options for group activities for the life after footy when your inspiration to exercise has dwindled. Group activities for blokes would be great

Andrew Smith
9 months ago
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