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Hello Health Person,
thank you for the opportunity to suggest my dollar be spent improving the walking tracks and footpaths in Snake Valley . Currently one needs to be rather sure footed as they are uneven with weeds encroaching either side and impossible for the elderly to enjoy a stroll and uncomfortable for those pushing prams or overseeing youngsters learning to ride bicycles. If these were made safer I'm sure they would be used more.
Good luck for a great outcome

Pat Yeoman
1 month ago · 1 votes · 1 comments
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

This is a problem in many places across the region, try walking in Talbot, Carisbrook, Avoca, Dunolly, Bealiba or even Maryborough!

Jenny Bacon
3 weeks ago
Remember: Keep it clever & be nice to each other.

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