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A functional medical practitioner who could visit an existing clinic on a weekly or monthly basis. That is, a medical practitioner who works with the patient to understand underlying causes of disease, such as epigenetic factors and nutritional deficiencies or excess. There are many in our community who have health conditions that our regular GPs can't help with. For anyone in our community, seeing a functional medical practitioner means travel to another city, and paying full fee. It's difficult to travel that far for those who are not well and who may be low income due to illness.

10 months ago · 6 votes · 3 comments
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Jen, would you consider seeing a naturopath for those needs? Naturopaths are trained to approach and address health issues in the exact way you describe. I am aware of 4 practicing naturopaths in Horsham.

Jaimie Clarkson
9 months ago
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Great comment Jen! Dr's are very quick to medicate sometimes without investigating the underlying problem or cause. Its nearly impossible to get a full blood work done locally and work with the same practitioner.

Anthea Perry
9 months ago
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Particularly important where wehave so many with asthma and other allergy problems, a growing awareness of thyroid problems and how such ill esses (and many others) can be supported by dietary chsnges.

Vanessa Beckitt
10 months ago
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