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Responding to your questions

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    Maree Edwards
    Labor Candidate
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    Laurie Whelan
    Greens Candidate
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    Marilyn Nuske
    Animal Justice Party Candidate

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1 month ago

What is your plan for bringing the under utilised or vacant State Government owned land and buildings in Castlemaine back into use for the benefit of the town (former hospital at Halford St, former Police Station at Lyttleton St and former Secondary College Senior Campus at Etty street)?

1 month ago

How will each party support the funding of a purpose build health and well being facility or precinct in Castlemaine?

1 month ago

With climate change impacts starting to be felt, what are your plans for assisting the community in moving towards 100% renewables and increasing our ability to sequester carbon through afforestation and sustainable land management practices?

1 month ago

With increasing migration to this town and upward pressure on house prices, are you committed to changing planning regulations to allow sustainably designed and higher density housing?

1 month ago

1. Tell me one thing you like about the other candidates’ policies?
2. Name one key issue that you care deeply about for which, if elected, you will commit to reaching across party divides to build consensus and collaboration to achieve an outcome that is in the best interests of our State?

3 weeks ago

Preamble (if necessary)
Ninety percent of climate scientists agree that if Australia doesn't start dramatically reducing its greenhouse gas emissions within a little over a decade then we'll be locked into handing our children a hotter, more barren country. Meanwhile, the IPCC and most environmental economist also believe a carbon tax is pivotal to cutting those emissions.
Will your party introduce a carbon tax - and specifically what price range per tonne will you support to help switch supply and demand that through market forces?

3 weeks ago

The NDIS only supports 6% of people with disabilities to access appropriate housing.

How will your party assist the other 94%, many of whom live in the Bendigo West electorate, to move into affordable, safe, long term housing?

This question is especially important for people with intellectual disability living with ageing parents, who wish to remain close to their supportive local community.

1 month ago

What do you see as unique opportunities for economic development for Castlemaine and surrounds, and what policies will take us there?

1 month ago

With property prices at unaffordable levels for many vulnerable people, what are your policies for ensuring there is sufficient affordable, quality housing in the region for young people, families and for our ageing population?

1 month ago

Why is the State government spending so much on Catholic schools when state schools need so much more.

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