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Bendigo West candidates are coming to Castlemaine for a Q&A and you get to choose the questions!

Post and vote for important questions. Share your questions via social media.

The top three questions, plus two wild card questions will be put to candidates.

The best part? You can meet the candidates at the event on October 24th. RSVP.

Responding to your questions

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    Maree Edwards
    Labor Candidate
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    Laurie Whelan
    Greens Candidate
  • https://oursay-files.s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/uploads_production/cropped/50-50/63f7a8c8be46d8d67fac11770a1f758d1539584772.jpg avatar
    Marilyn Nuske
    Animal Justice Party Candidate

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8 months ago

Why is the State government spending so much on Catholic schools when state schools need so much more.

8 months ago

With property prices at unaffordable levels for many vulnerable people, what are your policies for ensuring there is sufficient affordable, quality housing in the region for young people, families and for our ageing population?

8 months ago

What is your plan for bringing the under utilised or vacant State Government owned land and buildings in Castlemaine back into use for the benefit of the town (former hospital at Halford St, former Police Station at Lyttleton St and former Secondary College Senior Campus at Etty street)?

8 months ago

What do you see as unique opportunities for economic development for Castlemaine and surrounds, and what policies will take us there?

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