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    Maree Edwards
    Labor Candidate
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    Laurie Whelan
    Greens Candidate
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    Marilyn Nuske
    Animal Justice Party Candidate

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1 year ago

Given the urgency of the recent IPCC report, what commitments to local action are you planning to make during the coming term? And if you become our local representative how will you ensure that Climate stabilization is addressed as a matter of urgency throughout all areas of your policies?

1 year ago

The NDIS only supports 6% of people with disabilities to access appropriate housing.

How will your party assist the other 94%, many of whom live in the Bendigo West electorate, to move into affordable, safe, long term housing?

This question is especially important for people with intellectual disability living with ageing parents, who wish to remain close to their supportive local community.

1 year ago

Preamble (if necessary)

Ninety percent of climate scientists agree that if Australia doesn't start dramatically reducing its greenhouse gas emissions within a little over a decade then we'll be locked into handing our children a hotter, more barren country. Meanwhile, the IPCC and most environmental economist also believe a carbon tax is pivotal to cutting those emissions.


Will your party introduce a carbon tax - and specifically what price range per tonne will you support to help switch supply and demand that through market forces?

1 year ago

What is your commitment to increasing funding for prevention and community health in Mount Alexander Shire Council?

1 year ago

I want to know what your think about current country roads(not highways and freeways) being 100km/hour as the standard. I believe this speed is risking human and animal lives on a daily basis. What would you do about this is you were elected?

1 year ago

What are your thoughts about the future of health services in the Mount Alexander Shire? How should all the organisations providing health and well being services work together to ensure all in our community can access the services they require.

1 year ago

Do you think that kangaroo numbers should be controlled by culling?

1 year ago

What plans do you have in the region to involve citizens in decision-making that affects their lives? For example, budget and strategic decisions on community-identified issues of concern.

1 year ago

Poor treatment of many animal species in the interests of human use, commercial and companion, is rife worldwide and in Australia. What is your party’s position on significantly strengthening the laws and regulations against animal exploitation, and how do you propose to increase prevention and enforce prosecution of animal cruelty?

1 year ago

The recent exposure of the live sheep export industry from Australia to the Middle East has illustrated that neither the government regulators involved, nor the exporters themselves recognise that the trade is fundamentally wrong regarding the nature and extent of the cruelty revealed. What is your party’s position on exports of live animals of all species at all times of year?

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