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This is a place to raise any concerns and to provide input on any issues relating to the local community or the management of the trails.


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1 year ago

There should be a Shire & Community delegation to Derby Tasmania, to look at what they have achieved and to hear what their experience has been, what worked well and any issues or concerns that arose, as they probably will. I am sure they will not mind. We don't want to miss out on anything because we dont know what we dont know! The opportunity to involve local people, especially young adults, in terms of future training and employment exists and needs to be factored into the overall plan. The fact that many people travel from one trail to another, has me asking whether there ought be some syne...

8 months ago

I presume this is the place to feedback on the masterplan for Hammon Park.
now that we have talented trailbuilders on site with equipment. is it posssible to vary the contract for the same team to continue with completion of the dirt jumps? commencement of the bike skills park.
Doing so would reduce the administrative costs and more importantly the carbon cost of getting new contractors and a new team on site.
There will be tonnes of soil to dispose of from the pump track drainage and rather than cart this away could it not be sculpted into some jumps and hillocks??

Now that the northern end ...

1 year ago

Hi all. Less an idea of than a general vote of support for the whole project. Having gone to MTB trails in places like Christchurch (NZ), Beechworth, Bright and Tassie, it is a great way to support an area. And having ridden the Goldfields track the full length (it was an awesome 3 days), love to do more in the area.

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