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Rate Capping may help solve many of the sins of the state and federal government statutory and overall cost shifting tactics. This may cause local government to challenge this process, rather than blindly accept it, now that they cannot just pass on the cost to their ratepayers.

We already see that the Victorian Local Governance Association has taken this issue on. Would expect that Municipal Association Victoria will jump on board soon. My question is where have they been for the last 10 years on issues like this?
No council has had to operate under the rate cap yet and it is already producing positive results and causing local government and their lobby groups to look at things a differently. Those with myopic vision will have to have corrective brain surgery to survive under rate capping. Rate Capping has already triggered a paradigm shift in how local government looks at budgeting and the services it provides

user picture joe lenzo · 3 years ago · 2 votes · 1 comments
That's exactly what needs to happen. Councils MUST look at their operations, their operational efficiency or the lack thereof. Rate payers cannot be used as the cash cow that can be milked forever. Sure it will take some adjustments, some new thinking and acceptance of new conditions by Councils, Officers and Councillors and it is high time that they accept improvements them and implement them ASAP. Rate rises MUST be fair and provide "value for money". Buzz words do not cut it anymore.
OldMan River · 3 years ago
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