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If rates are to be capped then each rate assessment should be increased by the capped amount not just a blanket CPI increase over the whole shire. With this year's revaluation the Rural City of Horsham the valuer tells us the farm sector is greatly undervalued and he is adjusting it. Unless Council increases each rate notice by the agreed amount or increases the farm differential, farmers will be paying much of the CPI increase.

The Rural City of Horsham has not practised any staff reduction programs to cut costs. Each week we see another job advertisement of a new position created in our local papers. Surely current staff can multitask or be shifted sideways to fill these positions.
The Rural City of Horsham unnecessarily duplicates services already provided by other government or organisations already in Horsham. Rural people see our rates being spent in the greater city of Horsham and not in the bush.

user picture Neville McIntyre · 3 years ago · 0 votes · 0 comments