Refocus the designated growth centres on industries of the future, by including information technology and renewable energy

user picture Patrick Mooney · 3 years ago · 12 votes · 6 comments
Lets not forget FinTech. Financial Services are an incredible job and cash centre for Australia but needs to reinvent itself to grow globally and become the replacement exporter. In a digital world where banking exists as zeros and ones, no where is govt support more important
Colin Weir · 3 years ago
ICTs (including infrastructure platform technologies), new and advanced materials, and the drivers of energy revolution (which include the exploitation of renewable energies) are all enablers of new industries - within this continuum, we should be seeking to identify gaps in overseas markets and selecting a diversified basket of defined product systems, the enabling technologies of which government, industry and business can co-invest for the long term. With a diversified investment policy, 'picking winners' becomes a process of investing in a range of product system opportunities, in the expectation that several of those selected will become 'world beaters', with others not making the grade.
Angus M Robinson · 3 years ago
Hear, hear! Innovation cannot be confined only to the predefined growth sectors - renewable energy and information technology are key.
Sheryl Frame · 3 years ago
Modernize the thinking - absolutely agree. Support growth centres that encourage innovation and develop local supply chains and local industry growth.
Joe Barber · 3 years ago
This is absolutely critical if we are to compete effectively
Elane Zelcer · 3 years ago
absolutely agree lets look to the future, I would throw space industries into the mix also.
Glen Hassett · 3 years ago
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