Policy Hack with Wyatt Roy
Policy Hack with Wyatt Roy
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Establishment of a Federal Innovation Technology Infrastructure fund for the purpose of assisting with the cost of implementation of technology infrastructure specifically with Local Government bodies.

This fund would take the form of assisting with the implementation of technology infrastructure (eg mesh networks across metropolian areas or implementation of wifi on local public transport if it does not exist) that can be used by technology and innovation initiatives explicitly.

The fund would not exist for the implementation of local coworking spaces or the individual startups within accelerators, however the fund could assist with the implementation of infrastructure that can be used in conjuction with (multiple) startups with emerging technologies. The fund would be assisted and supported by the direction of the CSIRO in terms of technologies that would benefit long term urban planning where implemented by local government.

The exception would be also allowing for this fund to increase access to emerging technologies through existing state/local libraries with providing access business centre like facilities within libraries in addition to other technologies that may not be available such as 3D printing (in say a Rural area which does not have access to maker spaces, co-working locations or accelerators of any type).

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Andrew Bills
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