Policy Hack with Wyatt Roy
Policy Hack with Wyatt Roy
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'Dad, why are all inventors men? this is the question my daughter asked me late last year. As a product developer I was taken aback that I couldn't respond with good female examples. We decided to research it and what we found blew our minds with so many products that we use everyday have been invented by women. So we decided to get off our backsides and offer girls the chance to learn about what other women have done and create a space where girls can develop their own business ideas. And Girls Invent was born.

SO WE NEED TO SUPPORT GIRLS TO BACK THEIR IDEAS AND DEVELOP AS ENTREPRENEURS AND INNOVATORS. Girls Invent is a schools program which just this year has attracted a huge response from high schools and is now running in 20 schools. In the rush to become a innovative country we must not overlook 51% population who have few role models and get told that they can only do certain jobs or careers (yep still)

The ideas Girls are coming up with are breathtaking and offer financially viable careers for them and own country,

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Mark Glazebrook
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