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Australia Day or One Day in Freo?
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The debate about changing the date of Australia Day has been taken to the next level with the City of Fremantle in Western Australia moving its annual celebations to a more "culturally inclusive" dat...
Policy Hack with Wyatt Roy
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The Federal Government is committed to making innovation a centrepiece of the Australian economy. Policy Hack is an opportunity for industry to develop and pitch innovative solutions to some of Austr...
Ask Ellen
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Ask Ellen Sandell, State MP for Melbourne, anything. The 5 most voted for questions will inform a Centre for Sustainability Leadership Alumni event discussion on Thursday May 21st at 6PM. Make sur...
Ask Malcolm
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With the launch of the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Office, join us to ask the Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull MP about this initiative and other communications issues. ...
Freedom Commissioner
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There is nothing about Tim Wilson, Australia's Human Rights Commissioner that isn't controversial. A hard line free marketeer that argues for smaller government, he now holds one of the biggest gover...
Ask Natalie Hutchins
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Local Government in Victoria is facing some of the biggest challenges since the amalgamations directed by the Kennett Government in the 1990s. The new Andrews Labor Government says that Councils are g...
Ask John Merritt
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He’s the man who turns the traffic lights from red to green in Melbourne. John Merritt is the CEO of VicRoads and has one of the toughest jobs in town. He has to deal with the massive congestion pro...
Rate Your Council
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The Ratepayers Association of Victoria (RVI) in partnership with OurSay welcomes your feedback on the performance of you local council's consultation activities on rate capping policy. Discuss your ...
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