How can we balance planning the need for infrastructure projects that serve the state or nation such as power stations (whether wind, solar or fossil fuel), transport links and water management initiatives, with the needs of local communities without the coercing those communities or being held hostage by NIMBY syndrome?

user picture Alexander Lugg · 6 years ago · 17 votes · 3 comments
Note that Alexander refers to 'local communities', while James refers to 'the community' having sections. This is why I asked my question, about 'Community' vs 'Society', and 'The Community' vs 'Communities'. Just as every community is made up of two or more persons, 'The Community' is made up of multiple 'communities'. One vibrant form of democracy is thus for 'The Community' to allow each 'community' to have total autonomy.
Chris Colenso-Dunne · 6 years ago
I understand that, but often NIMBY, particularly when it occurs in swinging seats, can have a large influence on planning.
Alexander Lugg · 6 years ago
That's why we have democratically elected governments - to make decisions that are in the best interests of the community as a whole, even though such decisions may be unpopular with some sections of the community.
James Harding · 6 years ago
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