Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement and Draft Local Housing Strategy



The City of Parramatta is growing rapidly, with the city’s population set to double in the next 20 years. To manage this growth, Council has developed a Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) which provides a vision and strategic direction to ensure the city is well-planned, liveable, productive and sustainable into the future.

Alongside the Draft LSPS, Council has developed a Draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS) to map out areas for housing growth and to ensure a range of housing styles will cater to the needs of Parramatta’s diverse community.


The vision for the city is to build-on and celebrate its unique identity, to provide homes, jobs and transport to support a lifestyle that is inclusive, vibrant and welcoming – and for Council to make an ongoing contribution to local communities through improved facilities and services at the local and state levels.



Submissions have now closed for the Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement And Draft Local Housing Strategy as of 5pm on Monday 11 November 2019.

Thank you for your participation, we are currently reviewing your feedback and will keep you updated.

For more information please email lsps@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au


The Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) sets out Council’s 20-year vision for land use planning in the area along with planning priorities for jobs, homes and infrastructure, and actions to achieve the priorities and vision.

The NSW Government introduced requirements for councils to prepare a LSPS in March 2018 as part of planning legislation changes to align state and local government plans, and coordinate and guide long-term planning and infrastructure decisions.

The Draft LSPS summary sheet provides further detail. We recommended you refer to either the summary sheet or the full Draft LSPS for in-depth information.

The Local Housing Strategy (LHS) provides direction at the local level about when and where future housing growth will occur. We recommended you refer to either the Draft LHS summary sheet or the full Draft LHS for in-depth information.

Council’s Draft LHS explains the current housing situation across the City of Parramatta local government area (LGA). It also reports on Council’s performance against the District Plan’s housing targets for the period 2016-2021 and the (expected) 2036.

Three technical strategies support Council’s Draft LSPS:

  1. The Draft Local Housing Strategy (LHS) informs the housing direction in the Draft LSPS
  2. The Employment Lands Strategy Review and Update (August 2019), informs the job targets and direction for employment lands
  3. The NSW Government’s Central City District Plan (District Plan) sets out housing targets and requirements for councils to develop a Local Housing Strategy (LHS).

The City of Parramatta is undergoing significant change, particularly in the provision of housing to support the predicted growth in population. High density development (apartments) has been, and will continue to be the dominant type of housing to be constructed across the Council area over the next 20 years and will typically occur within growth precincts* which have close proximity to existing public transport infrastructure.

* A growth precinct is a defined precinct identified for higher density growth, (residential apartment buildings, shop-top housing and mixed use), usually in combination with local retail and business services and supporting infrastructure and facilities. Growth precincts are highly varied due to the key stakeholders and their planning evolution with some growth precincts having had their formal strategic planning process completed.

Over the next 20 years, as the City of Parramatta grows and changes, a key priority for Council will be to maintain high levels of liveability as well as grow economic activity. Specifically, Council needs to ensure:

  • Housing and jobs are delivered as infrastructure is built
  • A greater range of housing types are provided
  • A concerted effort is made to increase the availability of affordable housing apartments
  • Jobs are delivered and industrial land is protected
  • Heritage is protected
  • Local infrastructure (community facilities, open space and recreational facilities, etc) is delivered
  • Areas of environmental importance are protected.

These challenges guide Council in its policy development and its advocacy role and are also the focus of the actions within the Draft LSPS.

The Draft LSPS vision for the City of Parramatta is:

“In 20 years Parramatta will be a bustling, cosmopolitan and vibrant metropolis, the Central City for Greater Sydney. It will be a Smart City that is well connected to the region, surrounded by high quality and diverse residential neighbourhoods with lots of parks and green spaces. It will be innovative and creative and be well supported by strong, productive and competitive employment precincts. It will be a place that people will want to be a part of.”

The vision is supported by an indicative structure plan which shows, among other elements, where growth will be concentrated and where transport networks are being delivered or planned. (Refer to the summary sheet and Figure 18 in the Draft LSPS).

In the Central City District, the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) is leading the planning around the Greater Sydney and Olympic Park Peninsula (GPOP). The key components of the GSC’s vision for the GPOP area are:

  • Grow the Westmead Health and Education precinct as a world-class innovation district
  • Increase the attractiveness and productivity of the Parramatta CBD
  • Coordinate and optimise urban renewal opportunities to deliver greater liveability outcomes
  • Promote advanced technology and knowledge sectors on industrial and urban services land
  • Align infrastructure delivery with urban renewal.

Council’s Draft LSPS is consistent with the GSC’s vision for the GPOP area. The area is delineated in Section 4 of the Draft LSPS.

To achieve the 20-year vison for the City of Parramatta, Council has identified 16 Planning Priorities relating to local planning, liveability, productivity and sustainability. These themes are consistent with the themes from the District Plan.

Each Planning Priority is supported by Policy Directions and Actions which are summarised in a summary sheet that forms part of the exhibition material which is available during the exhibition of the Draft LSPS and Draft LHS.

The LSPS will guide Council’s decisions on land use matters within the LGA particularly in relation to housing and employment. Once adopted, it will also inform Council’s project delivery and be a tool for Council at an advocacy level when liaising with NSW Government and key stakeholders on land use issues.

Submissions have now closed for the Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement And Draft Local Housing Strategy as of Monday 11 November 2019 5PM.

Thank you for your participation, we are currently reviewing your feedback and will keep you updated.

For more information please email lsps@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

On completion of the exhibition on 11 November 2019 the feedback received will be reviewed and a report prepared for Council’s consideration, anticipated in February 2020. The report will outline community feedback, identify any changes that should be made to the Draft LSPS as a result of the feedback and seek Council’s endorsement subject to the GSC formally indicating its support for the Draft LSPS consistent with the District Plan.

Council must finalise the LSPS by 31 March 2020.

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