How can customers help Central Highlands Water improve water quality?

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Since August last year we asked our customers to rate our performance as a service provider. We collected feedback from over 1000 customers - across the entire region we serve. We heard from everyone from Amphitheatre to Golden Point.

Water Quality is by far, the greatest area of improvement we can make. Overall, you rated water quality a 7.1 out of 10. Sometimes it smells and tastes funny. The quality can vary from location and from day to day. Sometimes customers gave us a 10 out of 10. Sometimes a 1 out of 10.

It is also an area where the gap between our performance and your expectation is greatest.

To that end, we now want to start exploring solutions with you. We have some ideas, but would value yours too.   

How can customers help Central Highlands Water improve water quality?

We will also be holding a community forum on the 1st of April from 10am-2pm in Ballarat Central. Please click the relevant link on the right section of this page to register. Details will be confirmed upon registration. 

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2 years ago

Way too much chlorine! Hate washing my hair in Ballarat water - my hair has become damaged and breaks off - the water has made my hair and skin dry. It's terrible. This seems to be common amongst girls that I've talked to that have moved to Ballarat.

2 years ago

We have been using CHW water in Buninyong from 1973-1999 and from 2000-now and have never found anything to complain about. D & G Hunt

2 years ago

By assisting in subsidies for customers to be able to purchase & maintain CHW approved water filtration units. The large & excessive fees already being charged would assist with this.

2 years ago

dont use flurid or to much of whatever makes it white

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