Test our new website navigation

Development of Whitehorse City Council’s new website is underway and we’d really like your help to make sure that information will be easy to find.

Information needs to be easy to find. There are many different ways we could organise the large amount of information on our website and we’ve come up with 2 different options for you to try out. This will help us understand where people look for information and how they go about finding it. 

Each test has a different menu structure but the same tasks. Choose the menus where you think you would find the relevant information so we can compare the 2 options.

There are no right or wrong answers. If you have any additional feedback there is an opportunity to provide comments at the end of each survey.  We will compare the results of each test to decide on final menu headings. 

Please note that these surveys only test menus and navigation but the website will also have other ways of finding information such as search and icons.

Please take 10 minutes to complete both Test A and Test B. You don't need to register, just click on the images below.

Survey closes at midnight on Monday 28 January.

Navigation Test ANavigation Test B


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