Frankston City Play Strategy

Frankston City Council is preparing a new play strategy. Since we developed our last play space strategy, the population has grown and people want to see new opportunities such as nature-based play and more adventurous play.

Why is Play Important?

The value of councils providing their communities with places to play is well understood in terms of health and wellbeing, community connection and helping us to learn about ourselves and the world we live in. We want to make sure that play spaces cater for people of all ages and abilities, are connected to cycling and walking paths and are great places to meet with family and friends.

What is a Play Strategy?

The strategy will provide a vision for the future of play for the Frankston City community to meet both current and future needs.

Why is a Play Strategy Important?

The new strategy will be developed to respond to current and future demographic changes, play trends and community expectations.

The Strategy will build on past learning and provide a more comprehensive approach to play which offers a variety of inclusive and dynamic opportunities for social engagement and inclusion for all ages and abilities.

What Playspaces are being reviewed?

All play spaces are being reviewed as part of this project.

How can I have my say?

The new strategy is being developed and will be completed in 2021. We encourage you to complete the survey with all of your family members, so we can gather as much feedback as possible from all of our community

You can join the conversation by dropping a pin and providing feedback on play opportunities on the map at the link below - 

Show us where you like to play here

Alternatively you can complete a survey at the link below. 


If you have any queries you can contact us at:

Please provide your feedback by Wednesday 19th August 2020



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