Aquarevo <span class="client-highlight">OurSay</span> is a platform where our community can ask questions about the new Aquarevo Water Recycling Plant.

Aquarevo in Lyndhurst is a unique collaboration between South East Water and Villawood Properties to create what’s on track to become Australia’s most water efficient urban housing development.

Amongst other water-efficient features, each home will connect to a pressure sewer system that pumps wastewater to a water recycling plant within the development, treats the water to Class A standard, and sends it back to each Aquarevo home for use in the garden, toilet or washing machine – closing the loop.

The water recycling plant at Aquarevo has been designed to look like a natural garden within a greenhouse and to blend into the surrounding landscape. It uses a state-of-the-art Organica Food Chain Reactor, which has a low energy footprint and contains odour within the structure.

Until 17 November 2017, we’re actively seeking your views on the water recycling plant, to help to form our submission to the Environmental Protection Authority for works approval.

Use this site to join the conversation, ask questions about the water recycling plant and share and vote on ideas raised by others.

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