Families are struggling financially under the weight of utility bills and private rental. It is obvious the negative gearing scheme did not improve the housing situation for low-income families. Will the government look at the housing crisis and fund affordable housing projects rather than keep putting money into tax rebates for private ownership?

user picture Lisa Elliott · 5 years ago · 64 votes · 5 comments
Something really does need to be done about this - I feel that we as a society are sitting on a time bomb. So many of us spend such a massive chunk of our incomes on rent. People say "then look for a cheaper place to rent" - well guess what, there are no cheaper places to rent. Even the most run down, unsafe houses cost a small fortune. Meanwhile we have next to no rights as tenants, we are at the mercy of landlords and real estate agents and could be kicked out of our rental homes almost any time through no fault of our own. I have been lucky in my current place, but the threat of becoming homeless is always at the back of my mind.
Julia Kearney · 5 years ago
Unfortunately, it seems that at this stage owners of property and investors, with one eye on asset prices and income from rent, have more political clout than the young, vulnerable and otherwise marginalised who suffer from the acute unaffordability of housing. Negative gearing has failed as a social policy as almost all investment has accrued to existing properties, bidding up prices without increasing supply. It has, however, been a boon for investors with sufficient capital to take advantage of it.
Matthew Cropper · 5 years ago
Affordable Housing and the cost of utilities is high on my agenda and it should be high on the government agenda as well. I agree encouraging landlords and tax benefits is not the answer.
Kaz Lyn · 5 years ago
Because without the Housing Trust which is rapidly selling off all it's housing stock and turning into another money making scheme, the private landlords are the only way for anyone to get rental accommodation, and without tax incentives self funded retirees would sell their properties and rely on the government pension which they can now hopefully manage without.
Molly Holding · 5 years ago
The private rental is too expensive, the govt could offer incentives to landlords so they can keep the rent lower. It's just the same scheme only the rebate is reward for low rent. If rent keeps going up with the market we will find low-income earners are in even more financial strife than they are now.
Lisa Elliott · 5 years ago
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