The AFL’s Respect and Responsibility Policy “represents the Australian Football League’s commitment to addressing violence against women and to work towards creating safe, supportive and inclusive environments for women and girls across the football industry as well as the broader community”.

Hawthorn player Lance 'Buddy' Franklin is part owner of Nena and Pasadena and Neverland (clothing) store, a brand renowned for its clothing with sexually objectifying and degrading imagery of women. Franklin currently features in promotional videos and images both on the brand's website and in national clothing retailers like City Beach. Despite protests, the AFL have failed to address Franklin's continued breach of the R&R policy. Why has the AFL failed to address this?

user picture Caitlin Roper · 5 years ago · 1,328 votes · 16 comments
Nothing good can come out of football, the whole sport should be banned!
Beck McDonald · 5 years ago
pornagrafic t-shirts are unaustralian!!!! No real man would ever wear them
Elle Brodie · 5 years ago
Seems this has been asked and answered your honor!
Phillip Malone · 5 years ago
C'mon Aussie!!! lets keep Australia beautiful; not marred with stuff made in the gutter!!! AFL...this is ethics!'re supposed to be a respectable role model. With this profile of sporting success comes a responsibility to the ones who look up to you for inspiration. Inspire us with your footy skills, not displaying your moral code of lustful promotions!!! Please make us believe that men of Honour still exist; our boys/ girls need guidance! You have an opportunity for good!!!!!
Bridget Tape · 5 years ago
He ain't no Buddy to women
David Maegraith · 5 years ago
I attended my first Hawthorn VFL match in 1962 when my family moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. I had followed North Adelaide and then was living in Hawthorn the year after the Club had won it's first flag. I have always, really always, thought of Hawthorn as the Club which prided itself on family values. Now with 60,000+ members, nothing could be more important than preserving and extending the family orientation of this fantastic Club. Sadly, porn tee shirts worn for marketing purposes by one of the Club's most inspirational players detract massively from the core values on which the Hawthorn Football Club has been built. Let's return to the values that have been the utter foundation of Hawthorn.
Martin Shanahan · 5 years ago
I bet if the t-shirts were racist or homophobic the AFL would act. Objectifying women is ok?
Andrew Deeming · 5 years ago
AFL you are making it very hard to win fans of your sport. We want our two young boys (5 & 2) to be healthy and active members of society. We have chosen another sport for a 5 yr old to be apart of. We want them to value women as they grow up. Unfortunately, while you continue to support Buddy Franklin's clothing you are not sending the right message to the community.
Kirsty Miller · 5 years ago
Add another family with 2 boys (6 and 5) They both love AFL, both will attend Auskick next year. Both are members of the Western Bulldogs. It's bad enough that we have to explain to them the myriad of language, gestures and behaviours they see at the football when we are able to go. We shouldn't have to explain about "Buddy", his t-shirts and what he seems to stand for, but the day is coming when they will see one of these *charming* pieces of clothing and I, their mother will have to react in a manner that they will understand and one that hopefully will keep myself and my children safe if the wearer happens to take offence to my own. And by *charming* I mean offensive, dirty, disrespectful and vulgar.
Kerryn Pilkington · 5 years ago
As long as the type of material, such as the T-shirts sold by Nena & Pasedana, of degrading, misogynist, objectifying images of women, (& there have been some where the implication is clearly that the image is of a child), contributes in creating an unsafe social environment for women & children. The messages on this clothing normalize objectification, & at times, the images depict what would be considered illegal acts. If the AFL is serious about it's "Respect & Responsibility" policy, it needs to ensure none of it's players have any links & especially not to be profiting from, any material that treats women with such disrespect & disregard. The fact that he's a much loved player, should not give "Buddy" Franklin immunity from his duty as a man, of someone kids look up to, from doing the right thing; to disassociate himself completely from that brand, & face some sort of consequence. Why is the AFL reluctant to address this issue?
Cathy Trew · 5 years ago
Doctress Julia X. · 5 years ago
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