The Team

If you have any questions or would like to chat further, email us at [email protected].

Our Board

Eyal Halamish (Chair and CEO), Matthew Gordon (Company Secretary), Gautam Raju, Linh Do and Nic Frances-Gilley.

Our Staff

Eyal Halamish, Chief Executive Officer: Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, this ‘activist in a suit’ quit his corporate consulting gig to become OurSay’s first employee. When the deliberation is done, Eyal makes the final call at OurSay.

Matthew Gordon, Chief Operations Officer: Matthew is the glue behind the OurSay operation. He makes sure the people, systems and the house are in order.

Mo Elleissy, General Manager: Mo is a youth worker by trade. He brings not only passion, but also several years experience in multicultural community engagement. He was on reality TV back in 2011 and is still milking his 15 minutes of fame. Ask him about his time on the Amazing Race Australia when he trains you on our platform.

Tim Krins, Web Developer: Tim builds laser tag systems and websites. If you need to know, our website is held together by duct tape and Tim. Tim operates from a new country every week. Ask him about OurSay's flexible work arrangements.

Gautam Raju, Dreamer: Gautam is the visionary and the brain behind the look and feel of OurSay. He is on sabbatical in India, experimenting in the world's largest democracy.

Foundational Team

OurSay was founded by the hard work of the following people: Gautam Raju, Matthew Gordon, Eyal Halamish, Linh Do, Hedda Ransan-Elliott and Luke Giuliani.

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