The Team

OurSay is a social enterprise.

The organisation was founded by a group of young people in August 2010, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Eyal Halamish, CEO: Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago, this ‘activist in a suit’ quit his corporate consulting gig to become OurSay’s first employee. When the deliberation is done, Eyal makes the final call at OurSay.

  • Matthew Gordon, COO: Matthew is the glue behind the OurSay operation. He makes sure the people, systems and the house are in order.

  • Gautam Raju, CFO: Gautam is the visionary and the brain behind the look and feel of OurSay...and makes sure we don’t spend too much money. Gautam is based in Delhi, India where he is planning a roll out of OurSay.

  • Luke Giuliani, CTO: Want to buy a robot? How about a website? Luke can make both. He asks the hard questions and spends countless hours coding website solutions to fix problems. P.S. Luke is an aspiring law graduate.

  • Martin Conley-Wood, Systems Team Leader: If philosophy and literature are not your trade, Martin’s knack for process and systems means OurSay will grow bigger than a tiny group of passionate people.

OurSay received an initial financial contribution from its founding partners as well as an investment from social entrepreneur Nic Frances. The founding partners include: Gautam Raju, Matthew Gordon, Eyal Halamish, Linh Do, Hedda Ransan-Elliott and Luke Giuliani.

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