Why has this website been designed to make it easier to vote for questions with more votes? Wouldn't a random presentation of questions for voting result in a more comprehensive "average" set of questions? My browser returns to the top after each vote and to get back to questions with few votes I must press the "more questions" button repeatedly. Has a statistician been involved with the design of this democratic forum to ensure that it is representative?

Thanks for the feedback, we will be improving this functionality when we launch the next release of OurSay (we are a small group of volunteers). For now, you can click into the question and share that link with your friends.
Gautam Nishant · 3 years ago
Hi Nicetsa, originally it was even worse with only the top 3 questions displayed at top. But you can sort by most recent, which is how I found your question.
Geoff Pain · 3 years ago