Of course a Constitutional Republic should be pursued by all Australians as it is the pinnacle of free nations, it is the highest form of democracy we could acheive.If Australia became a Constitutional Republic we would have a chance to have a Government by the people for the people for the first time in 200 years,a country that gives minoroties a say as well as the majorities.We would have a chance to write a bill of rights listing our God given rights.We the people together with the most intelligent well intensioned men and woman could write a Constitution greater than the American one improving it, learning from their mistakes,taking the best from their constitution and the best from the Magna Carta.We would have the chance to clean house in Government and the court system,get rid of all the old cluttered Brittish mentallity and start afresh with innovative new true Australian ideals,not the Brittish monetary policies that hold us back and shut down our industries.No more fabian style depopulation policies no shutting down of food bowls and industry.We need to put an Aussie on mars,get out and explore the universe,build dams,bring in new industries,pump up our manufacturing sector as well as mining and oil.We have so much to offer this planet and humanity as a whole but we have to shake off the shackles of Brittish empirical thinking and their monetary sytem.Open our own National credit banking system and throw out the money changers once and for all.It is time for the next step,we must regain our sovereignty and move on to a Republicthen on to the stars.My question is when will you get out of the way and let the people vote?