How can the workers have any faith in unions truly representing them when it seems like they are self-interested machines, often used by leaders as a springboard into state or federal politcal careers? I'm sure that there are lots of committed unionists who are fighting for my rights daily, but it's hard to feel that way when I see in the media, and know from talking to friends who work for unions that confirm they are highly politicised...

Of course unions are going to be politicised - like it or not it'll always be that way because if there were not any politics inside the unions, there would be nothing in place to build legislative policy or framework to actually make anything law! Of course unions are going to politicised and put under political scrutiny - they're associated with a political party. As for the bit about what happens when they get into politics - you're right. Some of them have very short memories when it comes to integrity - but a very long memory when it comes to finding thier back pocket. It MUST change because everytime one of these double agent pollies do something dodgy or bent, they damage the credibility of unionism and the labour movement. It can never happen again.
Alistair Parr · 2 years ago
I sympathize with this point of view. You never see big business CEOs comment on what is best for Australian workers, they only act for the benefit of the organization they represent even if it is detrimental the the Australian community. There seems to be a career path in the ALP where you begin as a staffer then are preselected into a safe seat or the seat your parent held is handed to you on their retirement like a monarchist fiefdom ffieffieffiefdom. The
Richard Murphy · 2 years ago
Years ago I was a shop steward on a country job, and when I went to the city to a meeting, the delegate told us we had no say on the issue, but about ten of us told him we were having our say, and we did. I don't believe he appreciated it, but they took notice. The decisions the Labor party have been making in parliament have been detrimental to the jobs for our people. Also the tax system as they have organised it has been destroying the opportunities, it is corrupt. I would like to show you my tax system, it is simple but efficient and is in just one complete step.
Mervyn Jacobi · 2 years ago
Why are unions so busy trying to only drum up membership, yet when an issue arises, such as subtle workplace bullying, they wash their hands of you?
Tara Maree · 2 years ago
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