Why has the arrival of so few people become such an enormous political issue? And how can politicians and society navigate through the political football-ing and hyperbole and ensure a level-headed discussion of the issues, so that we then may all start focussing on the things that ought to be front and centre of political debate - education, health and so on?

As for Queue jumping. those clamouring to get within our borders, with or without papers are not names like illegals, scum, back door merchants. They are people, Human beings like you or your loved ones. This is precisely why that cruel manipulator, John Howard forbade any images to be published that might portray asylum seekers as people with whom we could feel any empathy . Please try to see these things with a clear eye, and understand that people who fight to get to control ship of state are usually butchers. The few decent heroes who try to alter this situation are almost always destroyed by the contest.
John Ward · 5 years ago