Compliant refugees in UNHCR camps wait for the slow wheels of bureaucracy to process their claims. These are the financially poor and desperate people we should be helping and spending taxpayers money on by processing them first. All others who pass another nation to get to Australia are no longer refugees but are attempting financial migration, and should be processed back in the UNHCR camp nearest their home country. If Australia stuck to this policy we could process and accept far more 'genuine' refugees couldn't we?

I agree Michael, those unfortunate people exisiting in the camps are the true refugees to my mind - they are the ones who have truly fled, poor and desperate. Boat people may well be the persecuted as well, however they have managed to finance and organise their journey, dangerous as it is. Our millions would be better spent on helping the camp refugees with far stricter regulations and low percentage acceptances to discourage boat arrivals.
Jan Fenn · 5 years ago
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