in the hot seat: The Hon Julia Gillard MP

Hangout with the Prime Minister

OurSay users join Julia Gillard as she responds to winning OurSay questions, as well as others questions chosen by Fairfax, from the 'Hangout with the PM' OurSay. This Google hangout was broadcast live across the nation on July 21st at 11am. OurSay users join Julia Gillard as she responds.

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With the campaigns lasting so long, is the obvious increase of cost going to be paid by the Australian citizens? Is there a cap that each party has to stop at? Thanks, Phyllis Wagner
Phyllis Wagner · 2 years ago
the Truth about Julia Gillard and how to pronounce her name:
Julia Gillard · 2 years ago
With labor economical records proven to be in tatters at State, Federal, as well as in NZ and UK, is there a message?
Trefor Jones · 2 years ago
Some years ago Julia, i rang you in werribee asking about the viability of a tobin tax. I'm in Altona. Aside from that, given that there is so much distrust in the financial world , globally, and historically the one thing that people have trusted for over 5000 years is gold, would you support a return to The Classical Gold Standard were such a move proposed?. The greatest growth in recent history was between 1870 and 1913, when The Classical Gold Standard was in place. Yours sincerely, Bill Foord.
bill foord · 2 years ago
it has been said that Australia should not act against global warming before other nations. as the prime minister says we are a wealthy, leading nation, why should we not act before others on the extremely important issue of preserving the incredible world around us and its intricacies?
ruby robertson · 2 years ago
It was very disappointing. Gillard did not answer the main question. She never does. I was very naive to think we will get real answers to real questions. Can I ask again, what gain will we get from the Carbon Tax pain?
Des Morris · 2 years ago
Julia, Your patronising response shows your lack of understanding or care of the Defence superannuation payment system and our conditions of service when we signed the dotted line. We did not sign up to put our necks on the line and then end up destitute in retirement. Shame on you and your bunch of cronie COMRADES. By the way our latest CPI increase for our superannuation payments for the last six months review is 0.1%. What is yours? Absoutely disgraceful.
Dave Giddings · 2 years ago
You say 'democracy is not a spectator sport. Well in this instance I must disagree. To this government it appears to be a game they play with the people of this great country. It has been a week since this 'Hangout' and I am still annoyed about the way the whole issue was handled. I note on the top left of this page you espouse three 'winners'. What a joke. Some of the 'winners' only got a few minutes of the PMs time and others that were no where near the top got more. Democracy spoke, the people told the PM the issues they wanted addressed in detail and they were ignored. The whole thing was a sham manipulated by the PMs minders and I think it did her more harm than good as most who viewed the hangout would have seen it for what it was. Another blatant Labor exercise in spin.
Rob Shortridge · 2 years ago
Hi Rob, here's OurSay's official response to the Hangout with the PM.
OurSay Moderator · 2 years ago
Very dissapointed with Prime Minister Gillard's responses to the three most voted questions. Evasive and hyperbolic answers that contained nothing but poor and rambling excuses for policies that seem to be more about pleasing lobby groups than her own convictions, let alone the desire of the electorate. I would like to state clearly that I am neither a Liberal voter, nor a supporter of Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd. I have no natural bias against Ms Gillard or the Labor Party. I am simply a very dissapointed, hard working, progressive thinking Australian. With the choice between this pathetic woman and the repugnant Tony Abbott, no wonder so many Australians are in political dispair, and switching off to any message out of Canberra.
Marc DiGiambattista · 2 years ago
I would like to add my vote of "No Confidence" to those submitted by the 60+ other decent, patriotic but understandably frustrated serving and ex-Service personnel (and our supporters) who have already expressed their concerns in this forum about the Prime Minister's "dismissive" response to David Jamieson's question on "Our Say". Whilst most Australians understand that some "belt tightening" probably is required by this Government (lets not try to analyse why we're in this 'pickle' now), surely its not too difficult for the PM to publicly acknowledge that the indexation system for Military pensions "does" appear to be unfair? And even if she truly believes that our economy currently can't afford the necessary reparation, a commitment to do so as a high priority when it is in better shape is the bare minimum that we'd expect from our fearless leader.
David Garnock · 2 years ago

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