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We are a social enterprise helping organisations connect with their communities.

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In 2009 an activist and a public servant decided to do something about the lack of trust and authenticity in government decision-making. They created a platform which automates engagement for leaders to ensure communities are involved and satisfied with big decisions that affect them.

Founders Eyal and Matt, together with friends built a new way for communities and government leaders to connect on decisions. Starting with a $10,000 gift and plenty of raw energy, OurSay launched their first forum at the 2010 Federal Election.

Based in Melbourne, OurSay has delivered projects at the local, state, national and global level, hosting some of Australia's most influential leaders: from Julian Assange and Malcolm Fraser to Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull.

OurSay is modern democracy and modern technology at work

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Our Values

in our communications & engagements.

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  • OurSay Values Integrity


  • OurSay Values Transparency


  • OurSay Values Clarity


We want to ensure that in today's social & digital world, both decision makers and their communities are able to proactively engage with each other to make the relevant decisions.

Our Board

OurSay Board

Our Team

  • Eyal Halamish

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Matthew Gordon

    Chief Of Operations

  • Mo Elleissy

    Customer Success Manager

  • Katie Walsh

    Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Tim Nedyalkov

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Hristo (Chris) Hristov

    Back End Developer

  • Lyubomir Drenski

    Front End Developer

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